Eco Friendly Packaging

At Cruelty Free Candy we are not only vegan for the animals, but also for the environment.  We have therefore spent a huge amount of time researching packaging materials to ensure that the ones we use are as eco-friendly as possible and we are proud to advise that our own packaging is 100% recyclable!  

From our paper bags, plastic pouches*, cardboard boxes, stickers and parcel tape, all can be recycled.  (The only exception to this is on rare occasions when we may recycle some plastic packaging rather than throwing it away, in which case we would encourage you to do the same if at all possible).

In an ideal world our sweet packaging would be plastic free but we appreciate that many customers want the option to keep our sweets fresher for longer in a resealable packet or want to give them as a gift, in which case a transparent packet to see the actual sweets is desirable.  Although there are plastic free pouches available, these are not suitable to be recycled - only commercially composted, so we made the tricky decision to go with recyclable plastic for the time being as it seems more UK homes have a kerbside recycling service than they do a composting collection.

The good news is that more and more eco friendly packaging products are becoming available so you can rest assured that we won’t stop searching for the best option.

In the meantime, hopefully we have a suitable option for everyone!

♻️ 🌎 🌱

* Our pouches are made from LDPE (Low-Density Polyethylene) with the recycling code #4. Please check with your local authority to ensure this is recycled in your area.